777 Sanitizing Spray - Professional Sanitation Pack 4

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777 SANITIZING SPRAY (CASSA 777 Formula 30 Day Protection Surface Spray)

Professional Sanitation Pack 4

Package Includes: 12 x 750ml Spray Bottle + 1 x 20 Litre

CASSA Anti-Microbial Enzymatic 777 Sanitizing Solution Kills 99.99% of Harmful Germs including Coronavirus COVID-19 (Scientifically Proven). This Hospital Grade Disinfectant all-purpose sanitizer kills germs on contact and creates an anti-microbial nano barrier protection on surfaces that last up to 30 days (Scientifically Proven). This product is TGA Approved (ARTG 346340) and can be sprayed or misted onto all hard surfaces, including ceramic and metallic surfaces - rendering the surface resistant to Superbugs like S.aureus, E.coli, P.aeruginosa, P.vulgaris, Salmonella and Coronavirus COVID-19. This versatile proudly Australian Made and Owned Product is available in a variety of sizes and quantities including bulk quantities for commercial misting and spraying.

+ Kills 99.99% of Harmful Germs and Bacteria
+ Scientifically proven to kill Coronavirus (COVID-19)
+ Effective Within Seconds (Kills Coronavirus in seconds)
+ Alcohol Free Broad-Spectrum Sanitizer & Deodorizer
+ Neutralizes Chemical Agents & Odors on a Molecular Level
+ Creates 30 day lasting Anti-microbial Barrier on Surfaces
+ Can be used as a Liquid, Spray or Aerosol
+ Safe on Commercial, Industrial & Household Surfaces
+ Eliminates the need for Hazardous Waste Removal & Storage
+ Ideal for use in Commercial Misting and Spraying